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Re: Chip information

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From: Claus Vegener <vegener@post7.tele.dk>
To: quattro audifans <quattro@audifans.com>
Date: Wednesday, July 28, 1999 10:54 AM
Subject: Re: Chip information

>Your car have a 200kPa boostsensor and at sea level
>you run 1.8 Bar boost. The boostsensor have to be exchanged
>to 250kPa.
>a new timing/fuel injection chip.
>Soldering is needed even if the chips go into sockets.
>And to Avram:
>The ecu consist of 2 boards with resistors, driver transistors for
>fuelinjectors and wastegate control valve, memory chips for storing
information AND a cpu.
>The board receives input from those 25 or more sensor around the car just
>name altitude, engine temp, engine rev, boost, knocking sensors, throttle
>massflow sensor etc...............................etc, etc.
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>Fra: Claus Vegener <vegener@post7.tele.dk>
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>Emne: Re: Chip information

As I can understand, we have a cpu, various sensors, a program stored on non
memory (EPROM) and look-up tables for conversion on EPROM.
And what the tuners does is: changes the program (bias, conversion, limits,
etc) to gain more features on the engine.

If thinks are as "grosso modo" I have understood, as an electronic engineer
I think

a) I could program the EPROM using a file with code as the ones inserted by
tuners. Any one can make it available?.
b) the code of the original ECU or the one that comes from tuners, is (as I
suspect) the result of a program for an specific CPU, that combines input
from sensors, giving as a result, the (optimized) behaviour of the engine at
different conditions and acting diferent periferal systems (ignition,
valves,etc). If this is correct, one(the driver) may have different
programs, usefull at differents conditions (altitude, humidity, cruise
driving, etc), selectable by (switch?) to optimize the vehicule following
the user needs.
That means we can have differents machines at finger tip using the same
vehicule with no additional cost (except in increasing the size of the
program). This is a value added in form of software and I wonder how AUDI
enginneers have no realized this fact in the desing of the 2000 audi...
c) The program is based on mathematical model  that act as a block that
receives input and gives optimized and safe outputs to peripherals.
Optimization may be based on torque, fuel comsumption,  etc. If this is
correct what is the behaviour model assumed by the AUDI peoples?. It should
interresting to know...
d) The program may be written by any who know programming control systems.
But, which CPU is used?. If is differents from the comercial ones (intel,
motorola, NEC, etc) a cross-compiler can be used to obtain the machine code.
I suposse that AUDI is not interrested in reveal the program or the model
because  technology skill is a high value but some issues can be public(ed?)
in favour of the Audi users who can, apart of being beneficed by this
policie, increase the updating cycle and improve the audi technology.
More thinks are in my mind but is enough for today.
Some ideas?

Celestino Okenve <cokenve@diatel.upm.es>