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Re: type 44 dead on road

Had the same thing happen, same car, a while back.  Only remedy was
changing the fuse box.  One too many salty winter drives and Autumn
leaves = corrosion.  Got a nice used one from a lister in Wyoming,
haven't had a problem since.  


On Wed, 28 Jul 1999 18:52:42 -0400 "Stephen Bigelow" <sbigelow@sprint.ca>
>1984 5000S died on the way home from work...no hiccup, just dead like 
>coil or no fool pump dead.
>Took out the fool pump relay, glared at it...took out fuse #13, glared 
>at it
>Any idea what happened? It started ok after all the glaring and 
>Steve Bigelow
>Ottawa ON
>1984 5000S "Audrey"

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