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Re: type 44 crossmember

I had the same problem with the V8Q when I dropped the exhaust to change
the tranny fluid and filter.  When I put it back I put the exhaust donuts
on the wrong ends (I didn't realize they were two different sizes.) 
Intead of taking the whole thing off again PITA, I marked the spots where
the exhaust was rattling on the crossmember and hammered them down by
putting a ball peen hammer on the crossmember and whacking it good with a
mallet.  The crossmember is hollow so it lends itself to sculpting.  



John Cassidy/Sallyann Mulcahy <jcasidy@uswest.net> writes:
>does anyone know if the crossmember on the type 44 is important?  I 
>am>having a regular bitch getting the stebro dual exhaust on my 91 200q 
>to not rattle on it.  there is so much give to the motor mounts (new) 
>that there is just not enough clearence to fit the pipes without rattle 
>under hard acceleration.  The crossmember has been bent from bottoming
>some point in the car's history, so if it is essential, I'll probably
>a new one.
>Any tips?

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