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Re: I've ordered an S4!!!

Funny you should mention the mirrors. On the S4 in the new european car, the
mirrors are body coloured, but the passenger side mirror sure looks like the
"old" smaller mirror. I thought the S4 got the '99.5 upgrades, which I think
included the full size mirror?!?

- peter


Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 00:37:48 -0700
From: Peter_Szalay@amat.com
Subject: I've ordered an S4!!!


Also, I have seen some pictures, as well as some mention on VW Vortex, that
S4 will receive the chromed side-view mirrors of the S8. However, most of
pictures I have seen show body-coloured mirrors; does anyone know the real
of which mirrors will be on the S4?