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Engine Swap

I have been holding any comments in reserve but I think I should finally say
something.  The results I personally experienced from swapping in an "old
technology" engine were and are nothing short of stunning.  I have never had
the available cash for a torque monster ('vette, GTO...) but now I
understand the addiction.

Is my LT-1 the be all end all mod to an Audi?  Hell NO.  Is it gobs of fun?
Hell YES!

I don't think my WWW site  (www.flyinghead.com) does that attitude and mood
swings concerning the process of swapping engines justice.  There were MANY
times when I was going to scrap the project.  Having said that; I would not
hesitate NOW to do another one of these conversions for myself.  It is even
tempting to fabricate parts for a kit...

The strangest thing that has happened in this whole process took place last
night.  For the first time in years I had a VERY hard time choosing between
which car to drive.  I don't think my UrQ is slow in all practical terms;
but it pails in comparison to the ground tearing capabilities of the LT-1Q.
THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTION FOR TORQUE.  Would I consider changing to a
different engine in my UrQ; you bet.  I just have to decide if the value I
place in the car is in owning a piece of history or not.  Personally that
mental battle is just starting.  Were I looking at my car with a dead motor,
the decision would be MUCH harder.  Finding the Pontiac 3800 series engine
with the supercharger is easy and CHEAP ($1k); and I think would be a better
fit lengthwise in a coupe that a V-8.  Oh yeah it has the same bolt pattern
in the rear drive layout as the 350 Chevys...

	Just My $0.02, leaving the soapbox now.

Bob Dupree
	99 LT-1Q (87/93)
	84 UrQ
	77 Dodge Colt ProRally