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87 5ktq boost problems and questions

I have a 87 5ktq that is not producing max boost according to the onboard 
gauge.  I have been through the SJM's incredible site on the this subject 
found and fixed many of the usual problems, but the boost has not come up at 
all.  Does anyone know how accurate the onboard gauge is?  My next step is 
to get a boost gauge I don't trust the onboard gauge.

should the lower waste gate hose hold vacuum and/or pressure?  That was not 
clear to me on SJM's site.  Mine holds pressure but not vacuum.  The hose to 
it was totally rotted out, I replaced it, nothing changed.  The upper waste 
gate hold vacuum like it should, no problems there.  I have checked out the 
control solinoid it seems to function per SJM's instruction and the temp 
sensor checks out.

One thing I have not checked out is the cat, and exhasut back pressure.  As 
soon as i get a pressure gauge (probably today) i will investigate that.

Thanks for the help...


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