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RE: Driver's side hdlamp for '86 5ktq

> Dad's in Sacto, CA is asking $200.00 to replace a left(driver's) side
> headlamp. Is there a cheaper, or reliable solution. I just replaced
> a head light assembly in Oct, 1998 after driving from SJ, Ca to Dallas,
> Tx.
Well, I got a brand new Bosch equivalent (came in the same box that the
"official" Audi part would have) DOT headlamp for my 1991 V8 from Carlsen
with the q-list discount for a hair over $200.  Perhaps they're tallking
about doing the job for you and including the mounting hardware ... but it
sure seems pricey to me.

I've gotta say that seeing this post, hearing some of DADS prices from
others and my own recent quote experience with DADS has started me thinking
that DADS may not be as attractive a place to shop as it once was ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)