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Re: AUDI Issue of European Car

What issue is this? I keep hearing about it, but the
only issue I can find on the newstand is the August
issue. It's got the M Coupe on the cover. 


'84 4ksq
'87 4kcsq

--- Richard Haroutunian <Richard_Haroutunian@inso.com>
> Does annoys else have the latest issue of EC?
> It's an all-Audi issue, and it is pretty good.  I
> was sort of pissed off at
> the tone of the S4/S6 article and coupla other
> things, though.  I mean,
> even the first line said something like-- 'if you're
> looking for a
> super-car, this isn't it.'
> It just seems like every article about Audis written
> in EC has some sort of
> negative tone.  Anyone else notice this?
> They include the S4/S6 in the 'Ultra Buy' selection,
> and then they poke at
> it and highlight comparisons with other cars which
> makes it look bad.  For
> instance, one line said something like, ' these cars
> get driven frequently,
> many owners use the cars when the weather is too
> rough for their 911s' --
> I'm paraphrasing of course, but you get the jist. 
> They also basically
> implied that the S4/ could really be a great car if
> you modify it.
> I mean, if it's really an Ultra-Buy, then talk about
> how !$^%#%@!! n great
> the car is, no?
> The rest of the magazine has articles about the new
> S4, a hypo TT (MTM
> version), and then a time line of the oldies to the
> newest cars.  I
> thought the time line was weak too.  They had a
> single paragraph on the
> Quattro, and the rest were all b&w photos of the
> older cars.  No mention of
> the 87-91 10v and 20v turbo quattros, etc.  No
> mention of the S2 and
> FrankS-- which I though was lame --(although they
> did a nice piece on Frank
> a few months back)..
> Also, there was a tease for us 5KCSTQ
> owners/enthusiasts-- there was a nice
> picture of a red 5KCSTQ in the contents section- and
> it led me to believe
> there may be an article about the car.
> Not even close.. The picture was in the 'Personals'
> section where they
> feature EC reader's cars..and poke fun at them!
> Sorry for the venting here, but if IMHO if you're
> going to devote an entire
> issue of a magazine to Audis-- then do it right
> dammit! I was so PSYCHED
> when I pulled that thing out of my mailbox, yet so
> disappointed as I read
> on.
> I guess I should probably just be thankful they even
> considered an all-Audi
> issue!
> Richard
> 87 5KCSTQ
> 85 4KSQ
> 82 VW Cabriolet
> 97 Landcruiser

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