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Need some used parts

Hello quattro listers,

I need a couple of used parts for my '87 5000CS Turbo Quattro Wagon.
Before I submit myself to Shokan for a good wallet spanking, I'd like to
hear from
any listers with any one or more of the following available for sale:

1) Ignition Distributor
2) Idle Stabilization Valve
3) Front exhaust bracket (the one at the rear of the cat.)

BTW, has anyone successfully dismantled and repaired the distributor? My
Hall Sensor
is kaput but it looks like to open up the distributor and access the sensor,
I'd have to
press out a steel pin in the shaft.

Please respond via email to ncraft1@home.com and cc: to ncraft@rwd.com so
that I
receive the message at work.


Nick Craft