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Need Type 44 head lights!

with all this discussion of poor head lights, I got back to my HID project.  
I have been trying to work on for a while.  I ran into major problems with 
the power converter so I am considering canning this project.  

So now I am starting a new project, cuz I still am not able to see at all.  
So I'm just considering taking a pair of type 44s and fitting in a projector 
light from a BMW or a intergra.  The lights from a BMW seems big so the acura 
might have to do.  

Now I need to fit a clear hard plastic on in place of my poor reflecting 
glass.  Anyone know who does this?  The company who wanted to do this b4 for 
me went out of business.  

Anyone out there has a pair of type 44s they want to sell me for a good 
Does anyone know where I can get the plastic acryrilic in place of the glass?