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Re: special tool 3214

Hi Anton;

    I don't have my Bentley handy, so I don't know which tool 3214 is. There
are 2 special tools for fuel pump removal.
    One removes the locking ring which secures the sender assembly at the
top of the tank. I used an aluminium drift and a hammer to turn the locking
ring with no problems. Choose non-sparking tools for this purpose.
    The other tool is a molded plastic "spanner" which fits into the fuel
pump housing and rotates it to unlock it from the mount in the tank. This is
where I had a problem. I tried various assortments of bars and pins but
could not get the pump loose. I finally gave up and took it to the dealer.
The mechanic chuckled at my difficulty - "those turn out by hand" he said.
His calibrated hand couldn't do it either. "Can't get it out" he said,
"you'll have to leave it". "What about the special pump removal tool?" I
replied. "Nah, we don't have one of those." "Sure you do. It's hanging right
there, on your wall rack for special tools." "So that's what that thing is
for - we've never used it!" Judging from the amount of dust on it, he was
right in that respect.
    After fitting the special tool, he still couldn't turn the pump. At this
point, he went out to get a breathe of fresh air and I took the opportunity
to go in, refit the tool, and turn the pump out by hand. The pump housing
"snaps" into a groove in the tank mount and the tool gave enough purchase to
turn it out.
    The point of this long winded tale is that most pumps must turn out by
hand (judging by the dust on the pump removal tool), but you may have a
difficult one, so be prepared.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  278k km

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Subject: special tool 3214

> All,
>  Before I open the fuel tank to my wife's '91 200q 20vt I'd like to know
> about special tool 3214, the one for removing the fuel pump. Is there
> alternative tools or means to remove the pump? I probably should know
> I get too far along.
> Thanks
> Anton