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4kq clutch replacement and bleeding question

Hi again everyone!   This weekend I helped replace the clutch on my friends 
4kq.  He was having a problem with the driveline shuttering (so we put in 
new tranny mounts too) and the throwout bearing was making a lot of noise.   
When we dropped the tranny, we found the push rod  wore a hole in the clutch 
operating lever!  This probably also caused about 5 of the springs on the 
pressure plate to be pushed in almost 1/2" from where they should be! The 
springs holding the T.O. bearing were also non existent and we found a bit 
of an Allen wrench in the bell housing!

Anyway, after commenting for a half hour or so over beers about how amazing 
it was the car still moved, we began reassembly.

Everything was replaced and reassembled.  No extra parts, and everything 
went together well we went to bleed the clutch.  We had to bleed the clutch 
because we disconnected the hose at the slave cylinder because we couldn't 
get the slave cyl. out of the tranny.   We used a 'single man brake bleeder' 
tool, basically a hose with a pair of stainless steel ball check valves on 
the end of it to assist in bleeding the system.  Anyway, after 2 hours of 
bleeding we still coudn't get the clutch to actuate properly.  The pedal 
would spring back without a problem, but acted as if it wouldn't push the 
T.O. bearing far enough into the pressure plate springs.  Oh, and of course 
we replaced the cluch actuating lever in the tranny, so no, the piston isn't 
pushing through it.   Any suggestions to what we are doing wrong?   I'm 
thinking it's got something to do with the slave cyl. because the tranny 
shifts into the gears easily when the car's off, but won't budge into them 
with the car on and clutch depressed.



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