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RE: 90 80Q high's/fog lights

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> Sent:	Monday, August 09, 1999 4:50 PM
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> Subject:	Re: 90 80Q high's/fog lights
> One thing people haven't mentioned here is the fact that
> 1st generation North American Audi 80/90's have very poor
> headlights.  Running the fogs helps overcome this problem.
	This is very true.  I don't know if running Xenon bulbs is
necessary.  I am running the Euro H1/H4 one piece dual bulb light on my 88
90q.  While I am still running a Euro stock watage in the lights (65/55 and
65) there is a DRAMATIC imporvemnet in lighting.  I used to be one of those
guys always running the fog lights just to compensate for poor light
quality.  I don't even need those fog lights anymore, mater of fact I am in
the process of wiring the turn signals to the fog light housings and then
installing some PIAA lights next to the old fog lights for low vis. driving.
While most people dont' want to loose their turn signals or rewire then I
suggest the H4 upgrade, it may not be as astonishing as the dual bulb
conversion, but it will fit right in place of the old light, saving the
side-markers and providing you with very high quality lighting.  That's just
my opinion.

	Mike Robinson
	1988 Audi 90 quattro SS