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Re: Power door lock problem

You might try Summit Racing (www.summitracing.com) and see if a generic 
power window conversion kit will work for your car.  Approx $150 US.  They 
have one that is actually designed to be hidden inside the door panel, not a 
bulky box that sits where the window crank is.

Mine came with PW so I haven't tried this, but I have ordered other parts 
from them and have been very satisfied.

BTW, go to the web site for the 800# and call them if you are interested. 
Their online parts DB is a PITA.

>From: eyvind.spangen@c2i.net (Eyvind Spangen)
>To: M Connors <mconnor@frontiernet.net>
>CC: quattro@audifans.com
>Subject: Re: Power door lock problem
>Date: Sun, 08 Aug 1999 20:50:51 GMT
>On Sun, 08 Aug 1999 16:16:36 -0400, you wrote:
> >Eyvind,
> >
> >Did that work that way on your car?  I thought for that vintage Audi you
> >had to have either a Turbo or Quattro Model to get both driver and
> >passenger door locking capability via the door "knob".  On a normally
> >aspirated 5K (at least on my '86) locking the passenger door via the
> >knob has no effect on locking the entire car. ( I can't check mine
> >presently since the car is without a battery at the monent.)  I also
> >thought the passenger side key does not unlock the whole car.  I am not
> >sure on the passenger key locking scenario though,  Perhaps mine never
> >worked right on my car?  Please keep the list posted as I am curious if
> >I may have a problem with my 5K.  Good Luck on the project.
>Both my experience and the owner's manual state that both front door
>locks should trigger the power locking system, no matter what engine
>and/or trim level the car is. I can hear the pump running when I
>unlock or pull the lock knob up, but nothing when I lock or push it
>My car is the standard european model, which means no good stuff like
>power windows, climate control or power seats..
>I would like to have at least the power windows on my car.. I bet I
>could get the parts for a few $$ in the US, here it will cost me at
>least $500 in used parts..

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