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Re: Window Regulator Repair (long)

> >preloaded the window assembly relative to the vertical track, twisting
> >it, top towards the rear of the car, bottom to front, then tightened the
> >bolts.  Actually, it is more likely that the carrier on the cable is
> >what I "twisted", but you get the idea I hope.
> Yes.  The slider bolt holes are slots.  This seems to be the only
> adjustment.  An inch or so fore and aft, just an RCH up or down
> over the four inch span between bolt centers for angle.

What I did by preloading was make sure the slider bolts were firmly at
the extreme up/down in the window slots - to use that RCH (???) of
motion to the max and keep it there while tightening the nuts.

> >...in that the C window slides rearwards as d
> >it goes up, the 4k looks a lot more vertical.
> Partly an optical illusion I think.  The coupe glass (and opening)
> front edge are angled, and so the glass appears to rake/move back
> as it goes up.  It may a little, but the lower parts of the tracks
> (down in the door) are pretty parallel and mostly vertical.

Nah, the coupe window is at least 5 degrees out of the vertical.  That's
why it is tough to align nicely with older motor and track parts, it has
to stay pressed a little into the track at the top rear.  I think.

Did you get it to work yet?

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT