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climate control problem

Hi folks,

	My wife is out with the 95' 90Q for a couple of days and she just
called in to say that the automatic climate control is acting up.  OBTW I
had the AC evaporator replaced last month and they had the whole dash out.
She says that she can hear the fan running and changing speed when she
adjusts it, but no air is coming out of the vents.  (yes, she did make sure
they were open!)   She has also tried pressing the AUTO button and shutting
off the car in an attempt to reset the system.  Could the fan blade have
come off the shaft, or is one of the flap actuators that controls air flow
to the vents acting up?   I will be really pissed if the boneheads at IRA
Porsche AUDI couldn't properly put my dash back together.  Where should I
start looking when she gets home?  Any advice or insight would be


1995 90 SQ