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Re: Shogun Pump Wiring

Thanks to all who offered assistance with my Shogun 
(after-run) coolant pump wiring mystery.  Specifically, I 
thank Steve Buchholz, Pat Korach, Nate Stuart, Avi Meron, Huw 
Powell, Wallace White, and Collin Hames. I hope I did not miss 

My situation was that upon attempting to wire the Shogun pump 
into my system, I discovered that the ground was no longer 
switched, so the pump circuit was always hot. The after-run 
fan, however, continued to function correctly.

I got under the dash and removed the after-run coolant pump 
relay from position 22 in auxiliary relay panel II. A quick 
olfactory test, followed by a look inside, indicated things 
were not right with the relay. I ordered a new relay from 

While I waited an extra day for the new after run coolant pump 
relay to arrive, I wired in an additional relay for the pump 
ground, to protect my new pump relay the best I could. When 
the new relay arrived from Blau, I plugged it in and I am back 
in business. 

So, to review, the old after-run coolant pump relay fried and 
stuck giving the ground continuity - i.e., pump always 

BTW, which way should the pump shaft turn? As described in the 
archives, I rotated the pump on the end of the pump motor to 
get the arrow pointing towards the radiator, but when I watch 
the shaft connecting the motor to the pump, it looks like it 
is turning clockwise when viewed from the pump end. This seems 
backwards to me, unless the coolant is taking the high road 
through the pump. I have the pump motor wired red to red and 
black to switched ground. Which direction should the impeller 

Eric R. Kissell
1986 5000cstq, 1.8 bar