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Re: How to determine - ATF or Synthetic Pentosin?


    I assume since you have been working on the hydraulic system that the
brake bomb is discharged. If it is, you have replaced most of the fluid. If
the bomb is charged, there can be approx. 200 cc of fluid in there.
    I seem to recall some listers saying they had removed the return hose
from the reservoir, blocked the reservoir return inlet, and run the engine,
flushing the old fluid into a pail. This sounds like a good way to run the
pump out of fluid ( bad move), but it may work. I'd be hesitant to try it.
    You may have to button everything up, run the car until the fluid is
well circulated, and drain it again. Expensive in oil, but not as expensive
as a new rack/pump/bomb/servo.


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>The Audi mineral and synthetic hydraulic fluids I have used have both been
>green. I think the "red" synthetic Pentosin referred to the colour of the
>cap on the bottle, not the colour of the fluid.
>If you have red fluid in the reservoir, I'm afraid there is a very good
>chance it is ATF. Time to drain it, purge with G002000, and pray.

Done it. But how much fluid will actually go into the whole system?
I've bought 2 liters, and after I drained the reservoir, turned the
pump and turned the steering wheel, I couldn't get any more than
almost 1 litre into it..  I removed all the return lines to the
reservoir and drained as much as possible, now it looks good, but I
haven't started the engine yet (disassembled head), so I wonder if
there still is a lot of ATF in the rest of the system.. How do I do a
complete flush to get all that crap out? ATF is great in power
steering, but not on type 44's :-)

BTW: Changed the manual transmission oil yesterday.. What a smell of
the new oil.. I almost had to throw up :-) (Yeah, it is GL-4, not

>Good luck!