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RE: 4kq Oil Pan Removal


Thanks for the info, this what I love about this list, you learn something new everyday.



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		If you have too much oil in the pan, the crank
		hits the oil and induce bubbles of air in to it.
		There is an anti foaming plate for the same reason.
		This gives lower pressure at high rev's.


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		Date: 16. august 1999 10:53
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		>One of the mechanics at my local Audi dealer had exactly the same problem
		with his Coupe Q, it was the sump being too close to the oil pickup.
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		> Subject: 4kq Oil Pan Removal
		> I was wondering if anyone has removed a 4000q oilpan sucessfully, when the
		> motor is still in the car...?
		> Why do I ask, you ask?
		> Recently the oil pressure light has been coming on when I'm pullng high
		> revs. I was thinking that 'something must be wrong with the oil pressure
		> gizmo, that has two sensors', as who ever heard of low oil pressure, at
		> high revs?
		> Oil pressure usually goes *up* as revs go up.
		> Then I remembered why I built the sumpguard...
		> Both myself and the previous owner have driven many miles of 'rally
		> resulting in a somewhat 'dented' oilpan. I'm now thinking that the
		> 'denting' has created a starvation problem at high revs, as I'm betting
		> bottom of the pan is probabaly against the oil pickup...
		> What's it look like in any of the Bently pictures? Likely situation?
		> Thanks for any help!
		> Regards!
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