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Considering strut insert replacement

My immediate improvement plans for my car are quickly snowballing. I'm
going to be driving it 850 miles up to Seattle for my wedding in two
weeks, so a new set of tires are definitely in order. In fact, they're now
on order: a set of Dunlop SP 4000's, based on good things I've heard from
the list. Reasonably priced, too: America's Tire matched Tire Rack's $62
ea. And since I'm getting new tires, I should finally get the car aligned
again; all four of the old tires are bald on the outside, even though I
had it aligned a year ago. And if I'm getting it aligned, it would be wise
to replace the strut inserts first...

So if I think I can do the job without much time or trouble involved, I'd
like to replace the strut inserts all around with Boge Turbo Gas. I would
order the following, two of each (the following is from TPC's online

431 412 175D

443 412 131B

4A0 413 031J

4A9 513 031C

441 412 249A

443 412 377

So let's see, here are a few questions:

(1) What else should I replace at the same time, within reason? Does the
rear have similar sleeves, stops, and such? 

(2) Which special tools are recommended? I see two in the Bentley.
Anything else beyond the usual?

(3) How long does it take a first timer to do the fronts and the rears?

(4) After putting in new strut inserts, do you need to wait before getting
it aligned? I.e., do the inserts have to wear in first or anything?


- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 156k