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Re: B v WRC - some thoughts

Phil Payne wrote:

> In message <348d1df1.24e9af73@aol.com> JJK1204@aol.com writes:
> > Phil replied:
> > I dunno.  The Japanese copy _everything_.
> > I believe you are correct Phil. I remember Andy Granatelli (of STP and Indy
> > fame) running a gas turbine car built by Colin Chapman. The inlet was
> > restricted on those engines to limit horsepower on an equivilincy formula.
> > They just installed a expandable inlet that almost doubled the inlet size at
> > speed.
> I was thinking of the flexible headlight blanking plates on the Sport
> quattros that cost Audi so dear one year.  And, according to rumour,
> caused one Audi engineer to leave the company and start up on his own.
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According to someone I know at MoTec they raise compression to fight loss of power
do to restrictors. That is where agressive water injection comes into play.

Mike Zamikhovsky