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Re: Digital Dash Question

In message <> Tony Lum writes:

> I'm trying to trouble shoot the trip computer in my Digital Dash for my
> 87.5 Coupe GT.  As your probably aware, the digital dash with the orange
> display is quite rare in the U.S., even more so for the 87.5 CGT's with the
> 2.3 NG engines with CIS-E III fuel injection.  This variant I'm sure was
> available in Europe much longer, probably thru '89.
> My question is: what signals are connected to pins 1, 3 and 4 of the
> d.d.  My service info from Audi lists these as vacant, vacant, and
> red/blk/yellow (engine speed from terminal #7 of the Hall ignition control
> unit).

T35/1   Brown/black to connector T6 (white, 6-pole) behind dash
T35/2   Yellow/red to button for minimised display
T35/3   Blue/black - crimp F4 in electronic ignition loom
T35/4   Lilac - Engine rpm out to idle, ECU, oil pressure warning

Crimp F4 is the ECU end of the resistive wire to the fuel frequency
valve.  Only place you can really see the duty cycle (ask Scott Mockry).

Might turn this into a web page ...

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