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Re: Caster off, 875KCSTQ, kinda long.

Bruce, I'm replying to your response and to the Q list here. The caster
problem was partially solved by securing the right end of the sway bar
in a large vertical mill and extending the necked down portion of the
bar about an half inch. Not precisely the amount we needed to go, but it
got us in the ball park and the car has a more precise feel and less
tendency to pull. Kinda less "skitterish". Not the cheapest way, maybe
not even the best, but it was cost effective. Together with the
difficulty in getting the proper camber in the left strut, this job
could have resulted in parts changing of major proportions. I don't know
if they even make a fixture to check struts for trueness. 
By removing the inner sway bar washer on the right side, we were able to
approximately calculate the amount of change we needed, and we cut as
much as we could comfortably take off the bar. We knew it wouldn't be
enough, but the alignment guy figured close would work, and it did. We
machined it so we could shim it back if we needed to. We looked into
moving the brackets in the front, and decided that the effect there
would be minimal, at best. The design incorporates a substantial
"socket" in the sub frame, and a half round bracket. Moving the bracket
would pretty much be a waste of time as the sub frame portion would
remain unmoved, and there would be a decrease in the effectiveness of
the rubber bushing. Were this like an older Alfa, or a Toyota pickup, or
the 560 SEL on the rack out here, this would be a simple adjustment,
part of the regular alignment routine.
I hope this description of our solution of the caster problem will end
up helping someone. Thanks for the suggestions, Bruce, Orin, and Mark.
Chris, here's your answer. If I forgot anybody, sorry.

Bruce Bell wrote:
> Loosen the subframe and give it a whack. You may pick up a little. Helped on
> My 4kq which had the problem from the day I bought it new.
> Bruce
> > caster that's
> > one degree off, and it pulls to the right. The alignment
> > shop, the best
> > in the area, says there is no adjustment, and Bentley agrees.
> > Any BTDTs?
> > It's been this way since he got the car, and the records (AFWK) don't
> > indicate any serious whacking.
> > I'd appreciate any ideas or what-to-look-fors or any tricks anyone can
> > give me.
> > TIA, John
> >