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Re: New Pics, Ur-q bodywork and 200TQW custom third seat

Gisli Ottarsson writes:
 > That third seat looks very good.  A couple of questions?
 >   Does it fold out of the way, at all? 

No folding capability on mine, although I suppose a talented metal
worker could make some hinged brackets for the back cushion.
 >   Does the spare tire live underneath this floor?  If so, did you
 >   consider moving it somewhere else (like into one of those storage
 >   bins to the side) and dropping the floor.  Seems like you could
 > almost accomodate an adult this way.

Yes the spare is still under the floor, and I found that the stock
spare will not fit in the side bin. Maybe an inflateable would fit in
the side bin. I needed to keep this seat platform removable to keep
the spare available.
My base for the seat is below the level of the folding cover, but
there is still not much headroom or legroom. Like I probably said
before, I think this thing is only for small kids.
Here is some basic ASCII art to show the setup.

      ---					/     /	/
	|				       /     / /
   -----		 ____________________XXX----  /
   |___________________	|___________________|X0X____ /
   |_________________________________________XXX_|  /	

Rear						Front(of car)

Ok, as you might be able to tell the whole seat is mounted to a sheet
of 3/4 plywood which sits down in the rear just above the spare. The
folding shelf is completely removed and the mounting holes for the
shelf are reused to bolt the seat to the car via metal brackets shown
above as "X's" with a single bolt each side. The seat can only rise a
small amount in the rear before it catches on the lip which protrudes
above it.

Hope this helps,