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Re: '90 200Q Transaxel lubricant

Hi Gordon;

    The Bentley spec says GL4 SAE 80 (mineral) or G 50 75W90 synthetic. Your
tranny will contain the synthetic oil. I would top it up with the OEM G 50
oil since that is what is in there already. Why take chances with the tranny
for a couple of bucks saving in lube?


Fred Munro
'91 200q  279k km

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From: Greg O'Malley <gomalley@us.ibm.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 1999 3:33 PM
Subject: '90 200Q Transaxel lubricant

> Hi,
>     I have a real slow leak in my '90 200Q transaxel, and I need to top
> it off...
> Bentley says Synthetic GL4 75W-90.  I can find GL5 synthetic, and GL4
> blends, but I can't find the right stuff locally or by mail order unless
> I get the AUDI oil from the dealer. (@$20/liter, pretty steep for gear
> oil, but....).
>      I'm inclined to top off with the GL5 synthetic.I'm a little
> concerned about the synchro's and the torsen.  Does the substitution of
> GL5 cause a problem?  Does someone know of a Synthetic GL4 75W-90
> outside of the Audi Oil?
> Thanks.
> Gordon Malley.