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Re: metric hex socket for oil plug

Any good hardware store should have a metric bolt with the size head you
need to fit the plug, Brett.  Then you can go back to "crude tool" until
you can find the right tool.  NAPA sells individual sockets with
replaceable allen screw inserts, for example.

Kneale Brownson

At 04:00 PM 8/20/99 -0400, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>Anyone know where to get a hex socket for the oil plug?  I was using 
>a crude tool(vise grips and a large wood bolt with a hex head the 
>right size) but the bolt just sheared in two.
>Last time I went looking for one, I came up empty handed at:
>-foreign autopart(no tools)
>-Sears(some in that range, but largest was a 13mm, this thing is a 14mm)
>-local auto supplies store
>any ideas?  Someone mentioned snap-on, but I have no idea how to 
>order from them.  I need something quick(ie, today) so mail order 
>isn't going to work.