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RE: Bad O2 sensor / high fuel consumption?

I suppose the mileage figures are all relative to the yardstick you have always used, if I filled the car up in the US it would take less fuel to fill the tank, right? Therefore the mpg would be different as well. 
Ah what the hell, so it's a bit thirsty in any language, any remedies apart from buying a diesel?

Thanks for the help


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Kneale Brownson writes:
> I'd call 26-27 mpg average regardless of driving circumstance pretty good
> for a slushbox Audi in the heaviest iteration of the body style.  I can

> At 11:27 AM 8/24/99 +0200, Iain Atkinson (ETL) wrote:
> >My wife's 100 2.0E Auto avant uses fuel at the rate of 26 to 27 mpg no 
> >matter what sort of driving. Is this about right for this car? Or am I 

Iain is in the UK, right?

Remember the mpg numbers from the UK and the US are not the same...
an imperial gallon in the UK is more than a US gallon, so given
that 1 UK gallon is about 1.2 US gallons, a 26 mpUKg is about
21mpUSg.  Depending on your style of driving and conditions, this
sounds a bit low.

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