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Re: Accident: 4kq RIP

Thanks to everyone for the condolences and the desire to "have my car live
on in others" :).

Honestly, it actually makes me feel better that people want parts off of
my car.  Strangely reassuring, or something of that sort.

It's just beginning to sink in -- sighx2.  I've wanted this car since I
was 14.... blech.

Thanks all,
PS> I will keep the list posted as per parting out.  Like I said, it's
mostly cosmetic damage, maybe a little suspension in the LF, but
otherwise, everything else is intact.  Please hold off on requests until I
talk to the insurance people.

                               A file that big?
                               It might be very useful.
                               But now it is gone.
                               -- David J. Liszewski