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Re: 93 100CSQ transmission

>My auto transmission is having intermittent shifting problems and it
>goes away when I turn off the car and back on.  Seems to not shift
>I get up to 50 mph or so. Does this sound like the brain unit or some
>other electrical issue versus a mechanical one?  Any BTDT and cost of
>fix? Thanks.

What is your intermittent shifting problem?  I have been having a
problem for months with my 93 90CS.  The issue with the problem going
away is related to the "limp home" feature of the transmission control
module (TCM).  If the TCM receives low voltage or erroneous signals
from the transmission, it goes into "limp home" mode.  This mode is
described as the car shifting only in 2nd.  In my case the car's shift
points are much higher than typical.  A quick restart of the engine,
restarts the TCM and wa-la no more strange behavior (until the next
time).  The local Audi dealer sees no error message from the computer
and therefore is unable to further diagnose the problem.  A few local
transmission repair shops start foaming at the mouth when I mention I
am having problems with an Audi transmission.  Somehow I feel that I
paid less for my son'd braces than I will for transmission repair.

FWIW, my problem was an upshift problem.  The transmission would
free-wheel when shifting from 3rd to the lockup (4th).  I found a web
page that said this is a known problem and a bottle of "slick shift"
would fix the problem.  Sure enough a bottle fixed the upshift problem,
to create a downshift problem.  When slowing down 50->40mph the engine
will stall 50% of the time when shifting out of lock-up(4th) going into
3rd.  I have worked around this problem by shifting the selector into
3rd when I am slowing down, but sometimes I forget (... shift to
neutral ... restart engine ... shift back into drive ... wave to on

Got love them Audimatics.


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