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Re: Chips, turbos, & engine life

The 200 3B are making power up to 6.800 rev.
Shifting from 1. to 2. @6.800 (220 HP) means landing in 2. @4.200
where you have 170 HP to start your next acceleration..
If I want the same performance low end after chipping, my
2. gear should start at 170 HP = @3.400 - giving a shift from
1. @ 6.200 (265 HP)
The point:
I believe it is the high rev's killing engines. By raising boost you
can keep the rev's down at you daily driving and even go a lot quicker
- or don't use full throttle
Claus 200QT Avant IA 2.5 Bar

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Fra: Avram Dorfman <dorfman@est.org>
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Sendt: 28. august 1999 04:15
Emne: Chips, turbos, & engine life

> Ok, so here's the million dollar question:
> How many people out there who have chipped their Audis have suffered
> *anything* they believe might be lessened engine life as a result of
> more from the engine than Audi decided to give it?
> I'm particularly interested in 1.8t upgrades, but I'd like to hear any
> stories about Audis that didn't last as long as they "should have" due to
> chipping.
> How many of you have over 100k mi on a chipped turbo Audi, and feel that
> your engine is still performing "like new"?
> -Avram Dorfman
> '87 4kcsq
> '94 del sol
> '00 S4 (Sept?)