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Re: Chips, turbos, & engine life

Avram Dorfman wrote:

> Ok, so here's the million dollar question:
> How many people out there who have chipped their Audis have suffered
> *anything* they believe might be lessened engine life as a result of asking
> more from the engine than Audi decided to give it?
> I'm particularly interested in 1.8t upgrades, but I'd like to hear any
> stories about Audis that didn't last as long as they "should have" due to
> chipping.
> How many of you have over 100k mi on a chipped turbo Audi, and feel that
> your engine is still performing "like new"?
> -Avram Dorfman
> '87 4kcsq
> '94 del sol
> '00 S4 (Sept?)

      New was about 175,000 miles ago so I can't remember exactly how my car
ran then but, my 91' 200  20 valve turbo has had a chip for about 80,000 miles
with no apparent ill effects. It's still running well enough that I'm hoping to
go to Watkins Glen for the quatro club driving school this fall.