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Re: No A2 ur-q's at MH99

Mark Nelson wrote:
> > The Rally S1 was not complete enough under the hood to fire up and run.
> I'd hoped they'd open the hood on the S1 rally car so I could have a look,
> but no such luck.
> > I was very disappointed that Audi didn't bring any of the cars which
> started
> > the 4wd revolution in rallying. Imagine Blom or Mikk running a demo on the
> face
> > of the hill at LS!!!
> A few of us rally nuts were mentioning that same thing...there was an awful
> lot of dirt run off area on the sides of the track; hmmm....  ;)

Some of us had the FRS radios on during the parade laps. There was
discussion that Michael Williams was going to do an off track
excursion/exhibition, but I didn't see any huge dust clouds, so maybe he