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THIS IS MY LAST MESSAGE ABOUT MY 1985 Oceanic Blue 4000S (fwd).

The car is going to the junkyard friday or monday.  The car really needs
an ignition switch, but i have another and landlord says i need to get
rid of it, plus i can't seem to find the title.  The car is located in
Upstate New York (Binghamton, NY).
Parts that may be of interest:
1. Gray leather heated sport seats and door panels, (black and grey
panels) - $75 front and rear w/ panels
2. Opak sport exhaust, 2 square chrome tips - $115
3. One eurolight, drivers side (H4 with city light bulb built in) - $30
4.  Possibly the whole car, though i am missing title, for $250
5.  Rims 4x100 14" sport rims, i believe they are the 16 spoke, stock
with the 4000s.  - $40 for set with tires
5.  Misc. parts for cheap, just let me know immediately.