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Re: MH '99

Tony Lum wrote:
> Hey gang,
> Its all been said much better, but those 2 laps on the track were the
> freakin' best time I've ever had in my car!  I'm a little sun burnt, but
> I've got a life time of fantastic memories and was so glad to meet so many
> fellow q-listers.
> Kudos to the Audi Quattro Club U.S.A. for helping to put on fabulous event.
> Lets do it again next year ;-) (I can wish can't I?)
> Regards,
> --
> Tony

After all the fliers about a 25mph speed limit on the track and $300
tickets etc. I figured we would be crawling around the track so I tried
to get Lisa to drive. She wouldn't. I offered the drive to Jim since he
rode down with us and had no car of his own. He didn't want to either,
so I was _forced_ into driving it. Glad I brought the 4kq with H&R,
bilsteins and 15" R-8's as the 25 mph speed limit went right out the
window. I don't know what was going on up front, but it translated to
some very fun bursts of speed about 30 cars back into the pack where I
was. I was hitting rumble strips for the fun of it and the corkscrew was
a blast. 2 laps wasn't much, but definately was a lot more fun than I
expected. Having a swarm of 150+ I-5's surging all around me was fun
too. Don't hear that every day.
Anyone get any stationary video of the parade lap?