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FS 1984 5000 Parts Car in CO

A friend of mine has an '84 5000 5sp that he thinks is dead (engine
detonation).  He is having a friend come and look at it next week to
determine if the engine is beyond repair (most likely).  If so, he'd be
interested in selling it as a parts car.  The tranny is in good condition.
I think he'd take a few hundred dollars for it, if you came and dragged it
away.  I already have dibs on his wheels, assuming they'll fit my 95 A6Q.
I'd be willing to work with somebody on when I take the wheels off if that
would help them get it home.  The interior is pretty bad, and the passenger
side door handle doesn't work.  The car is in Lafayette, CO (Denver/Boulder
area).  Let me know if you are interested.
95 A6Q