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RE: temp sender from 5k into 90q????

Believe it or not, I have BTDT experience on this.  Yes, it wil work; BUT
DON'T DO IT.  Before I began working on my car, I had this replaced at a
mechanic shop in SF, CA.  Well the retard put one in from a 5k because he is
the worst mechanic in all of san francisco.  Anyway, the 5k has three wire
prongs and the 90 only has 2 or something to that effect. In other words,
the wiring doesn't match up.  If you pay close enough attention you can get
it to work, only problem is that the diagnostic computer doesn't recognize
it.  Therefore the red light on the dash that indicates coolant level and
hi-temp will falsh indefinately.  I just disconnected the darn thing because
it was so annoying to have that flashing red light.  The down side to this
is that my temp gauge on the dash is not functional.  So if you want your
gauge to work and save some money, yes you can make it work; but that
flashing got so annoying that i would say it isn't even worth it.

Mike Robinson
1988 Audi 90 quattro
185,000 + miles
Everything Moded But The Motor (For Now)

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> Subject:	temp sender from 5k into 90q????
> Haya all, will a 5k temp sender fit on a 90q??????
> I can get a temp sender from an wrecked 88 5ktq but I don't know if it
> will 
> fit my car...?
> thanks!
> Obin
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