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88 90q Dash Lights Out

Hi all,
	On my way to work this morning my dash lights suddenly stopped
working.  I don't know when it happened, but when i looked down to check the
time, i noticed it was blank and so was the computer display.  I also
noticed that the interior lights and vanity mirrors stopped working.  Fuse
#4 is on this circuit.  When i checked it, sure enough it was out.  When I
replaced it, the new fuse sparked and broke.  Looks like i have a short
somewhere on a vcery large cicrcuit.   There are lots of wires under the
dash and lots of lights to check.  Could it be the instrument light booster?
Does anyone have any BTDT experience on this?  Was i supposed to disconnect
the neg. (-) cable when i replaced the fuse?  Thanks in advance.

Mike Robinson
Santa Clara, CA
1988 Audi 90 quattro
187,000 + miles
Everything Moded But The Motor (For Now)