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Re: S4 Price

i'm not selling an S4-- i'm just asking about prices!

Lawrence Bardfeld <LB6116@PITCAIRN.com> on 09/01/99 02:31:06 PM

To:   Richard Haroutunian/Inso
Subject:  S4 Price

Sounds a bit high to me.  While your car is almost certainly in better
condition than the 93 S4 with 75k I purchased last November, I paid
about $17,000 for mine and personally, from my view of the market even
then, would not have paid nearly as much as you were asking for your
lower mileage 94, even if it were in perfect shape.  To give more
relevant facts, I paid about $2,500 - 3,000 to fix mine up as soon as
I got it (e.g., new timing belt), and even then it was short of
perfection in several respects: several small paint scratches, e.g.,
around door lock; an almost imperceptible dimple dent in the hood, and
leather seats that showed the PO did not exactly regularly administer
Lexol care.  HTH