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Checking cylinder damage..


As i've realized that i do have to remove the head to get the turbo off, - i
followed one of Phil's descriptions.

At some point it says "Lock the crank" etc etc.

Well, as my turbo has eaten the metering-plate spring (Probst chapt.5 p.9
fig 2-10 and 6 p.8 fig.3-8.), i want to visually check the cylinderwalls
when i have removed the head.

How do i do that when i've actually locked the crank, - how many turns
should i do in order NOT to disturb things...
multiplum of 2 - or 5 ?

Setting the head and the crank at tdc-marks will that do "tdc-alignment" or
can it be off for 1 or 2 revolutions ?


Kenn Thyrsted
'87 200TQavant