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1989 Audi 100

Heres some things I've found quirky so far.
The alarm for the car can be activated from either the drivers side or
passenger side door but it can only be turned off from the passenger
side. If you unlock the drivers side and hop in then the alarm goes off.
I've tried to find some schematics but the Haynes manual I picked up is
only up to 1988 (5000, sorry but I thought it would be similer) and it
doesn't have any schematic for the alarm system. I also tried Mitchell
repair manuals but couldn't find it either. I'd like to get hold of the
factory manual but that will be when funds allow. Does anyone have a
clue as to what to look for or where I can find some schematics so I can
troubleshoot it? Is the alarm system standard on the 89 100's or was it
an option?
   Second thing is the power door locks. They're really slow in locking
and unlocking. It was funny when I first got the car, my wife took the
kids to daycare (aobut 1/2 mile away) and locked the doors. When she got
there she couldn't unlock them and visions of climbing out the sunroof
danced in her head. Practical but not elegant. Anyway this is a problem
and safety issue. I figure its a vacuum leak but first off I don't know
where the vacuum pump is. Is it supposed to be under the rear seat with
the battery or is it in the engine compartment. Should I be looking at
the pump or for a small leak.
Suggestions welcome
Thanks again
Mike Williams