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Re: Ignition warning light on 87 5kcst

There are a variety of reasons why the ECU would light the "check
engine" light.  Knock sensor is only one of the many.  You should
drive the car, cause the ECU to light the light, and then (without
shutting off the car) pull the fault codes to see what the recorded
error is.  The Bentley manual has the info, or check Scott Mockry's
web site:


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Smeins, Larry writes:
> This past week the warning light that looks like an engine with a lightning
> bolt has been intermittently flashing at me in my 87 5kcst.  The manual says
> this means the engine is pinging and timing can't be retarded enough to stop
> it.  The car was just released from the shop where  a clutch and timing belt
> were replaced.  It has been sitting for several weeks and got a fresh tank
> of fuel when I picked it up.  The Audi has 240k miles on the odo.  My guess
> at possibilities include: 1. bad tank of fuel, 2. lifters intermittently
> clattering enough to fool knock sensor, 3. Tighter timing belt changed
> static timing a bit, 3. timing belt 1 tooth off on distributor/ oil pump
> drive shaft (not sure if this applies to the I5).  I would appreciate any
> thoughts on where to start looking.  I prefer starting with the
> easiest/cheapest possibility or the most likely and need some expert/
> experienced opinion.
> Thanks in advance,
> Larry