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Cold Start Problems

My 87 5KTQW previously had a cold start problem.  It would need to crank
for 10 sec or so before it would catch.  Once it started it ran great,
and it could restart no problem until it cooled off again.  I had
planned on digging into it, when after a couple of cans of FI cleaner it
went away this Spring. I wrote it off to a dirty fuel enrichment
injector and forgot about it.

Until a couple of days ago when the problem returned.  Same symptoms,
long crank times when cold, fine after the initial start.  I'm trying FI
cleaner again, but am also wondering if the problem going away in the
Spring was more a result of higher Summer temps than the FI cleaner.

Any BTDT's that listers could pass along, or suggestions for thefirst
thing(s) to check.  My hunch is the fuel enrichment injector or possibly
the anti-leak down valve in the fuel system.