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Re: RE: Toluene vs. Toulene


Dunno about the "octane boosting" toluene, but for the solvent try your Boeing toolroom.  Or go to any chemical supplier listed in the Yellow Pages.  Van, Waters & Rogers rings a bell witjh me.

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>>> "Lewis, Gary M" <Gary.Lewis@West.Boeing.com> 09/02/1999 9:30:42 AM >>>
Bob's new title is "Benevolent God of Chemistry"...

And thanks to everyone for all their replies.

Now, where the he!! does one go about buying this stuff?  I've been to Dunn
Edwards and PPG Auto painting.  No luck.  Any suggestions???

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> At 08:14 AM 09/01/1999 EDT, you wrote:
> >They are probably the same just a misprint somewhere.
> Indeed.
> >Toluene is a volatile additive that can boost various grades of gasoline
> 15 
> >to 20 points. Usually used in drag racing only because it is corrosive to
> >fuel lines and is very hygrophilic (sp?) that is, it attracts water. 
> Negative!  It is hydrophobic.  A certain very small amount of water will
> sometimes be found in it.  It is my understanding that significant levels
> of toluene are found in most European gasolines.  Any of you from across
> the pond care to confirm that?
> >When 
> >uncapping a can it should be done in low humidity conditions and used
> PDQ. 
> >Otherwise it loses it's effectiveness through water absorption from the 
> >atmosphere and it vaporizes very quickly.
> Negative again!  It does evaporate fairly quickly.  It boils at 108C.  A
> trace amount of water will only help achieve the desired effect of
> increasing fuel octane ratings.  This is what is done with water injection
> into the intake manifold.
> >A few SCCA racers I know have tried this with less than spectacular
> results, 
> >mainly because the Toluene vaporizes out of the fuel mixture before the
> end 
> >of a race, leaving them with only whatever grade gas they started with. 
> If true, then there must be some other reason - 108C BP?  This compares
> quite well with many common components of gasoline.
> >If I remember correctly, SUNOCO has this information on their Racing
> Fuels 
> >website.
> >
> >Mike Torio
> >
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