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Radiator Repair

If you don't want anything to do with radiator repair, please delete.

I know there were several boos and hisses when I posted about the (VW\Audi) 
radiator repair kit, but I still think some will find this useful--here's an 

I've put about 50mi so far on this repair, which admittedly is not a lot, 
but so far it is holding up, no leaks.  The thermostat has cycled at least 3 
times that I noticed.

Although the quick drying epoxy that comes with the kit is a PIA, it's 
fairly simple to use.

I recommend a small fine-toothed hack saw, sandpaper and\or dremel tool with 
sanding drum for this repair, to clean up jagged edges for a good mating 
surface and also to rough up the plastic so the epoxy adheres.

I may find myself replacing my radiator anyway for AR and OC reasons, but in 
the mean time, the low $18US repair cost keeps the car on the road and fends 
off another spousal H-car purchase.


> >
> > The top of my radiator neck broke off too, and left me with about 1/2 
>inch on
> > where I can clamp the hose to.  Its been working fine, but do you think 
> > should replace it with another one?

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