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Re: Do jammers work?

Okay, I think I understand that jammers work by "overpowering" (?) the signal that would that's reflected back to the radar source (gun).  But, how do you jam  (jamb?) laser? 

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>>> "CHRISTOPHER A KAGAN" <cakagan@hotmail.com> 09/03/1999 7:44:40 AM >>>
Yes, jammers ARE legal.

Mine is 45-state legal or something.  I got it thru a mail order catalog.  
It jams radar & laser.  The "window" it operates in is anywhere from 1 mile 
to about 400 ft, depending  on the line of sight, ie. hill, curve, etc.  
It's active, so it's always on and has an extra jack and short connector to 
power a radar detector.  The only time I've gotten caught speeding is when I 
was cresting a huge hill on the highway and a cop was sitting just past it.  
Cops just assume it's a detector, if they even notice it.  I have it in 
front of the mirror, so no one really sees it anyway.

The best combo is the jammer and the Valentine One.  At about $400 a pop, 
the V1 is expensive, so I'll be using the jammer alone for now.  It cost me 
$175 and the company (Rocky Mtn. Radar or something) will even refund the 
price of your first ticket if you get caught speeding while using the jammer 
(if it didn't work, that is).  I wasn't able to claim my ticket since no 
jammer or detector will go thru a hill.

I can get people the address/website of the place selling 'em if you email 
me privately.  But you'll have to wait until I get home from work tonight 
since I don't have the catalog with me.


Chris Kagan
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