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1.8 A4 engine

(copy of a note I posted on a4.org message boards)

I know this note sounds like flamebait but it's not.

I stopped at the local dealer today and walked around the back to the
shop.  I noticed a tech heavily into an A4 which was on a lift, and I
chatted with him.  Here is the short version of our discussion:

- there is a problem with fuel tanks on the A4 leaking.  He sees about
1/month.  It usually shows up as a "check engine" light before you
notice the leak itself.  The faulty tanks have bad seams.

- he doesn't recommend the 1.8t engine as it's a "VW engine" deep down. 
He says that the 2.8v6 is a far better engine.  He says that shortcuts
were taken to get power and went into some details about connecting
rods, oil delivery, etc.  Bottom line is he doesn't think they are
robust and pointed to a new crated 1.8 that had just arrived from
Germany, waiting to go into another car.  The bad engine had 40k miles
on it.  He says the TT is a bit better as far as the oil delivery
because they use a chain "like american cars". 

I'm not that familiar with the innards of the 1.8 to know if this makes
sense, but he knew his stuff and had no reason to lie to me.  Likewise,
as a prospective A4 owner, I have no reason to make this up.

Dan Simoes
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