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Please not another V8 vs V6 again as I will not be able to partake as I am going on a trip from WA state to Boston MA.  Besides I doubt there is anything new to add, however I did get a chance to compare an Archie kitted car next to my 3.4 TDC and I was quite suprized at how small the V8 looked in comparison.  It even looked like there was minimal problems with clearance EXCEPT in the waterpump area.  It was in need of finishing though it was driveable (I didn't get a chance to drive it).  Mostly wiring was poorly finished as this certainly was not an Archie completed car.  Even if it was an 88 in compareable condition to mine I doubt I would have traded.  I also passed on buying it for $1,200 (asking $1,500 but stated flexable).  I love my 3.4 though I am sure even a carbed V8 would be faster.  Unfortunatly due to other projects (building is half the fun) I am considering selling my car $5,500  Spokane WA.