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Re: Urq fuel metering pictures??Need help putting one back together

The front port is from the rear (closest to shock tower) fuel supply line 
(diaphragm pressure regulator). The front (small) line is for the cold start 
valve. The middle side port (second large line) is from the other (forward) 
diaphragm pressure regulator. The rear port goes to the control pressure 
regulator (small line) on the drivers side of the block, below the injector 
cooling fan motor.
What I need to know is where do the 2 lines terminate from the plastic nylon 
solenoid valve mounted to the shock tower. One comes from the 4 port terminal 
on the top of another vacuum operated diaphragm. Where does the other line go?
Like you, I am reassembling an 83 Urq that was disassembled by someone else. 
Fortunately for me, I can contact the disassembler, and he has been most 

Dennis Graber

PS There is an intact Urq in town that I can reference if needed. HTH