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Parts and Repair info --Denver help.

Hi list.  Bad news happened during my return from MH99.  I took
an off road excursion near So.  Lake Tahoe, and had to have the
5kcsq retrieved from down an embankment.

No injury (except pride), and the '88 is alive and well, though
with damage to the RR door and more to the RR quarter panel and
trunk lid where a large rock and tree (respectively) stopped my
acceleration down the slope after only five feet.  A perfect
parallel parking job, but on a slope you could hardly climb.  It
sure could have been more serious, as the streambed was at least
fifty feet further down --gravity being what it is.

Seeing all the Audi in the classifieds here set me to thinking
that repairs or at least parts might be better done here and now.
I'm in Lakewood with my cousin.  Can any of you recommend a body
shop for an estimate and some pick and pulls for parts?  Looks
like I'll need at least a trunk lid and tail and signal lights,
and possibly a door or even a rear quarter panel clip.  Any
guesses on cost or BTDT?

Best to reply direct with a day phone and/or any suggestions and