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Re: Quattro speedo

Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN) wrote:
> Ken,
> I think that the 200 models after '88 years have a slightly different
> connectivity than the pre-1988, in the ciruit board layout.  There was a
> post which included a web link to a TSB: www.geocities.com/MotorCity/5614
> I expect there are more similarities in the problems that can occur, only
> that the failure point in the instrument cluster may be different.
> On mine, there were four pins which connected the Speedo Guage to the
> instrument cluster circuit board.  Where each of these these pins were
> soldered into the circuit board on the speedo gauge board resembled a cold


Also another difference is the speedo senders.  The 88 and earlier uses
a sender with a squared cable that is turned by the trans.  The 
later 89 and up use a sender with a magnetic reed switch in the sender.
When a magnetic device is passed over the side of the sender the curcuit
 opens and closes or visa a versa.  It you have exhausted all other
possibilities you might want to check the sender out.  My speedo did not
work in my 89 200tq and this turned out to be the problem.  I pulled the
sender apart and soldered the broken solder joint back together and my
speedo worked great after that.

Pat Korach
kirkland, WA